the chain for fixing slaves


d. you really want to know more about me, slave ?

I´m Miss Larissa, and absolute dangerous for you! I love it to train, punish and humilate my slaves. Merciless ! I use my helpless slaves the way i want, whenever i want, and for what purpose i want. My "Housedog Diego" is my private worthless property. He have (as well as other slaves) to obey, to exept any brutal punishment and abuse, regardless of how ugly or painful it is. I like to have fun with my toys! Lots of it indeed! So, slaves needs to execute all orders from me. I will use any mode of punishment to get satisfied, and i´m not easly satisfied ! The residue-free consumption of my scat is obligatory. If he dont work fine in this part, he get punished without mercy!

I´m a refine educator. I belive that excessive pain is the best method to teach slaves who they really are, and to whom they really belong...


Der Sklave ist versperrt und muss darauf warten gefoltert zu werden


I abuse my slaves for those main things:

• As a totally degraded human toilet, with an open mouth and no taboo. Chewing and swallowing all of my sacred scat! If i desire, slaves must consume his own shit as well..

• Lick and cleaning jobs on every part of my body. Such as my toes, my ass (after i take a dump), armpit cleaning...

• Licking and worshipping my big black leather boots, when they are gracefully smeared with my sacred caviar.

• For my amusement, and my satisfaction.

• vent on!



If slaves fail in one of the parts above, they pass stricktly to the following:Aus der Latrine fressen Sklave

• Extreme CBT with sharp, fresh stinging nettle leaves. A real torture for a real slave....

• Using of needle on slaves cock, balls and nipples.

• Brutal fucking and extending of slave's pisshole with large metal dilators

• CBT, using extreme strong burning Menthol or Rheumatism Cream.

• In Case of some particulary serious offense, he will receive the burning creams also inside his tail - of course, with a huge dilator.

• Hardest Breathcontrol - absolutly tied - with Gasmasks!

• Strapon training, fisting, with a following mouth cleaning of the tools.

• Hard whipping of slave's worthless body

• Outdoor trainings.

• and much more.....


Sklave wartet auf bestrafung


Some basic rules for my slaves:

• The forced feeding of crap is one of my favorites. Slaves must understand that crap is there ONLY food. Full consumption is a must. The Slaves has to chew on the shit well before swallowing it without any hesitation or reservation. Any violation is dealt with in the most brutal manner.

• Slave has to choose an appropriate expression.from the soles you have to lick off my crap

• Slave speak just if he is asked.

• Slave has to refrain, unnecessary sounds during his feeding, and to suppress pointless whinings during educations or tortures.

• Slave has allways to ask for a permission to go to the toilet.

• Slave must always consume his own sperm, as per the Mistress orders.

• Slave has to take care, that always is a plate and a glass, in every toilet of the house, for Mistress available.

• Slave must always be always ready for his human toilet ritual.

• Slave must always be completely naked and vulnerable to Miss Larissa's abuse and humiliation, in and outdoors, unless his Mistress feels otherwise.


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