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Everything what you can read in this Webpage about abusing and torturing of defensless tied slaves you can see in my movies.

Here you will not find thousends and tons of crap! Here is only withness of real hard dominance, forced scat feeding and merciless torture of helpless bound slaves! View the most extreme real scat and martyr movies in the Web. Download now !



Ass 2 mouth (Breakfast direct)


Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 13:25 min., 229 mb - high quality


crap_in_slaves_mouth caviar direct slave control golden nectar for the slave sperm and piss cocktail


A new morning. Like always the mistress overcomes a well-known "pressure" on the backend. So the toilet must be found. A call to the house slaves remedy fix these distress. The talking john is ordered to show up emediatly, and even today the pressure is not so urgent and it looks like there is enought time to tighten the toilet to the playmat. So he gets his meal directly from ass to his mouth. Merely still is missing the proper chewing of fresh caviar.

But No worry, Miss Larissa takes good care of it. The John have always everything to chew and gulp. But, to conclude, there are still a special cocktail. He has to drink the piss of the mistress. But piss alone is not so funky. He became a nice mixture of the rest of scat (from his belly) mixed with homemade sperm from himself to drink. Thats a cocktail like Miss Larissa.

there is just one thing: Mouth open and swallow - and everything is fine.....









A absolute meciless and painful torture.

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 11:30 min., 309 mb - high quality
Thawed Caviar, crap, shit


db3 db6 db8 db18 db10

Sometimes is required to do a "reset" on the slave. Especially if he dont know how to do. This was the case. Miss Larissa came home and ordered the slaves to clean their dirty boots. When the lady came back from the shower, she saw her worn boots are still dirty and at the same place like before. Something is not right here, 'thought Miss Larissa, and the defects remedied at the slaves. The theme of respect and forgetfulness has been discussed extensively by kicking in the balls, and the whip. This is necessary to help the slaves back to find the right way .....

A totally cool lesson - 10 hard kicks in the eggs, and more than 150 fast and extremely hard whipps. The operation "Restore to factory settings" was very successful.




Thawed scat fresh from the microwave

3 Day Shit - uncut

The absolute toilet training. The amount of 3 days at once - forced - merciless

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 29:30 min., 327 mb - high quality
Thawed Caviar, crap, shit

3 days scat thawed for the human toilet

a hand full crap for the slave in the open mouth with it deep frozen crap for the scat slave chew and gulp the thawed caviar kick in slaves balls

Take Care: You will be witness to one of the toughest force feeding since toilet slaves ar on this planet!

Miss Larissa's toilet had to make a trip for 3 days, and therefore he could not serve as her human toilet. But the last thing what the Lady will do is, to waste her delicious caviar in an ordinary porcelain toilet. Miss Larissa filled up all of her fences in some glass boxes, and keep it in the deep freezer fresh for the slave.At the moment, the slaves comes back from his trip, his surprise was great. Miss Larissa said to the toilet, that in her house nothing will be wasted. And if the toilet is not available, the feeding has to be later! The slave was ordered, to warm up the three filled container in the Microwave, and he needs to bring them to the dungeon room. And thawed shit does not just stink extremely disgusting, it tastes also that way. And than a amount of three days...

Certainly one of the toughest toilet educations! Really nothing for softies!



incredible maryr of slaves with stinging netles


The Martyr - Cockburning with "real" Nettles

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 15:30 min., 210 mb - high quality
Flaemmen von Schwanz und Eier des Sklaven

cbt martyr using burning nettle

slave cock flamed with nettles cock burning of helpless fixed slaves real hard cbt burning nettle martyr of helpless bound slaves dominatrix treatement of slaves worm with nettles

Some time ago, Miss Larissa noted that severely burning nettles are very difficult to find in the nature. For that reason, the Lady orderd her gardener, to create a nettle cultivation, with special fertilizers and nitrogen, which are supplied to get much more painful nettles. On all of these nettles, grows a lot more of the "effective" stinging hairs. Now, the time has come, to test the "real" Nettles at the Slave...

To get the slaves quietly during the torture, the Mistress put a rubber ball in his mouth, topped with a gas mask and filter. Together a good "silencer". To avoid nervous fidgeting of the slave, Miss Larissa decided to do the torturing on their "martyrdom wall". There are enough binds to ensure, that the slave ships almost motionless.




the mistress push slaves head into the fullshited Toiletbowl

FeetFeed Part 3 - a more cruel way to feed

Scat out from the Toiletbowl, Masturbating before swallowing

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 16 min., 190 mB - high quality
Forced Crap swallowing

a look into the bowl, and the slaves knows everything - piss and crap

the slave is forced to put out the shit fom the toilet the mistress ordert to masturbate on the shit, before she force him to swallow the crap Masturbating on top of the scat from the Mistress The Mistress start the forced feeding of the slave The slave have to chew and swallow the shit

After the extreme education (part 2), the slave has his functionally back to be a full living toilet. Miss Larissa wants to test this immediately. While the slave was still chained, the mistress does her evening gown. Unfortunately, the slave was tied up, and could not provide a dish. The mistress has therefore decided to fill the bowl directly. Thereafter, the slave was ordered into the toilet room, where he had to put out the caviar and the soup from the toilet. To round off this beautiful day, Miss Larissa ordered, to jerk on the crap before she starts to feet the human toilet. Very disgusting for the slave, funny for the Mistress - to eat the soggy shit from the toilet, with his own sperm on top. But anyway, he has to do whatever Mistress want, and he's freshly trained.




the pain of the slave is a pleasure for miss larissa

FeetFeed Part 2 - A lesson for the slave

Whipping, CBT using a extrem strong Mentholcreme (outside AND INNSIDE of the Cock!)

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 16 min., 186 mb - high quality
tied up and whipping of the slave
bring strong rheuma mentholcreme with dilator in slaves cock
painful rheumatism and menthol gel for punishing slaves cock and eggs

sharp whipping of slaves ass

the whip sounds in the air CBT using menthol creme. The helpless slave get creamed from the mistress The Domina used a dilator to bring the strong mentol rheumatism gel inside of slaves tail the dilator, creamed with sport pain cream goes into slaves cock after the whipping and cbt, the slave has to wait for the next part of punishment

Due to the inadequate cleanliness and some swallowing problems of slave (Part 1) ordered the lady a (strong) punishment of the slave. In this part he will onemore understand, who is the landlord. The slave is bound to warm up on a table, and obtains a 100 sharp lashes from Miss Larissa. But that's not enough! To make sure that the desired education get an longer lasting success, the Lady decided, to use a new toy. She did an experiment with her slave, using a very strong rheumatism cream. First, he receive it on the tail and the balls. The effect was incredible. The slave squirms and screams in pain. The mistress is excited, and try to top this great effect. She pushed a dilator with the newly acquired "lubricant" into slaves cock ....

The slave pulled two mounting hooks out from the wall...

! Please, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES imitate or try it by yourself, without having a medical personal present !




The Mistress shits in front of the slave on the floor

FeetFeed Part 1 - Suck the Crap from my toes.

Scat extrem

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 10:45 min., 160 mb - high quality

After Shitting, the slave has to clean the ass of the mistress

the mistress crush the crap with her feet the living toilet have to suck off the shit from the toe of the mistress the slave is forced feeded with scat a bowl of crap for you mouth on, chew the crap and swallow everything

Oh how nice. The slave is forced fed by Miss Larissa with her feet. Miss Larissa is stomping in her divine caviar and the livingtoilet, have to suck her toes. Rid of the excrements - and of course swallow everything. Also between the toes, he has enough pie to lick. But these things are going a bit to messy and too slow means the slave keeper, so the Mistress picks up the last shit with her hand, and shoves a huge dumpling into the toilet mouth. SWALLOW! In addition, he receives a severe punishment for insufficient cleanliness prescribed. The slave must then cherk on the foot of the Mistress, who is still smeared with shit, and then thoroughly remove those remnants of feces and semen. It starts a bad day for the slave!





Breakfast at Slave´s Chair

Extreme Diarrhea / Scat

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 19 min., 234 mb - high quality
Forced swallowing of Crap
Forced consumption of piss

preparing for the comming night with a cock in slaves ass

the next morning Today, the slave has to swallow dirrahea open your mouth, and chew the crap inside slaves mouth with the dirrahea when everything is swallowed, the slave have to clean his new friend

Description: The slave has to sleep bound on the slave chair. With a Dick in his ass and a hose leading from its tail in a pitcher, he have to wait for the morning. Knowing that things are comming, not particularly pleasant. Miss Larissa made a pleasant evening, and monitors the slaves on video. At the next mornig, as Miss Larissa try to prepare Slaves breakfast, her overcome a lot pleasure.
Because, at the plate is no sausage, there is a large amount Dirrahea and some shit chunks. Now comes a  a particularly extreme agony for the living toilet. The Mistress dont take care about, because the slave must chew always everything! And today, he have a nice change, together with his own Slavepiss. Caution: This Movie is nothing for some vanillas!




The Toiletslave is fixed on a tree at the backyard of the house

A toilet at the backyard... filled up very fast

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 8:10 min., 98 mb - high quality
Toiletslavery using Scat

Miss Larissa craped the slave on his body

the slave is forced to clean the asshole of the mistress a forced feeding with crap can start now Open your mouth, and inside with the chocolate clean my fingers - the are full with scat Milk up of the slave, and feeding of his own sperm

During a Party in the House of the Mistress, the Slave is fixed at the Backyard on a tree, and waiting for using as a living toilet. Any time in the Night, Miss Larissa get a pressure on her Choco-outlet. She goes to the back of the House, where the toilet is fixed, and shit him on his body. After them the living toilet is forced to clean the Ass of the Mistress with his tongue. Now Miss Larissa is starting a fast and effective feeding of the Slave with her crap. Finished - Now back to the party.




Preparing of the scat soup

The Cook

Crap and Champagne Soup

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 14:30min., 108 mb - high quality

lets provide the ingredients, shit and champagne

so cook, make your soup tie up of the cook the plate needs to be free of crap remains feeding out of the dog bowl he needs to clean the condom from his sperm

The house cook can even show how to cook. Today, Miss Larissa ordered a hearty soup for the slave. The ingredients are, of course a huge pile of scat and good fresh, yellow morningpiss from the Mistress. After providing of the basic food, toilet slave has to prepare his meal. Under the supervision of Miss Larissa, the fresh ingredients come in the dog bowl, and the cook is forced to mix them to a thin soup. Miss Larissa tied the slave up, order him to clean the plate first, before the chef get "his" soup - Administered at maximum speed. Open! - Swallow! - Open! - Swallow! - Chewing is not necessary today! When the shit eater have allready finished his soup, the Misstress provides him his dessert. Miss Larissa put a condom on his cock, which he has after the milkup to drink out.




hast du hunger

2 day scat

Caviar special!

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 15:30 min., 98 mb - high quality
symbol scat

open your bowl

whether it fits well into the mouth The third tablespoonful a real handful something to dilute tear to mouth size

Miss Larissa goes now for 2 days not on the toilet. This actually happens very rarely, but then it was so far away. One MEGA portion was prepared and steaming on the floor. Fun for the mistress - long face for slave. But the hard party will go on. Even a 2-day dose to be easily absorbed. Diego will be chained to the floor, and with "heaping" tablespoons repeatedly refilled. Unfortunately, since this instrument provides only limited space, extends the mistress of a rubber glove on, and forms with the remaining caviar, palm-sized portions of which she then fills the slave's mouth for consumption. HEAVY !!!




extreme forced scat feeding

No! Permission v.3 - Time to gulp proper

Scat extreme

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 12 min., 60 mb - high quality
forced scat feeding of the slave

mistress crap on the floor

the slave has now to start eating the crap lick the crap from my boots you have to swallow the scat faster take the caviar in your mouth_chew it and down with it the slave have gulp all the scat of his dominatrix

After the forced swallowing of his own crap, and the following punishment(Part 1 & 2), the poor pork has to do his human toilet job properly. To do this, the Dominatrix brought him back to the room, where he previously had to eat his feces. In this moment, Miss Larissa sets a huge brown sausage on the floor. The Mistress sits down comfortably on her stool and views the show. She push slaves face with her boots into her crap. The slave has to open his mouth and start biting, chewing and gulping the shit from the floor. After a while the mistress steps in the shit and crush it. The poor monkey is now forced to such the crap from Mistress Boots, and swallow everything. And for slow chewing and silly sounds, he have to feel the hard whip. Labeling: XXXTREME




fucking of the cockhole

NO! permission v.2 - In the Dungeon Room

Needletorture, Fucking of the Cockhole using metall dilator

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 16 min., 102 mb - high quality

changin of slaves mask

Torture with needles spit the slave in his mouth fucking of slaves cockhole needles in his tail cbt needle torture

After the slave had to eat his own faeces, is the mistress of the opinion that should the slave actually shit a larger quantity. A special treatment is therefore due. The toilet is so tied up live, and pierced the nipples, tail and eggs with needles. In addition, his tail hole thoroughly fucked by a dilator.As it is still a needle through the glans, he rips out even one of the shackles...




open your mouth and gulp

NO! permission v.1 - Slaves own crap

Toilet Training

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 12 min., 68 mb - high quality


shit on the floor turn arround and eat head down and chewing slave needs to eat his own crap you need help

The slave ask Miss Larissa for a permission to use the toilet. But the Mistress, want to see that the slave eat his own shit today. He has in front of Miss Larissa to shit on the floor - then turn around and eat his own faeces under the supervision of the Lady. Miss Larissa looks amused at this extreme humiliation, and expresses the toilet with her boot in his own dung. Additionally, the monkey accelerated with a whip. Last but not least he have to lick the floor completely clean, but then comes an unexpected ...





fresse aufmachen

Shit in a plastic bag

Toilet Training

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 12 min., 347 mb - high quality

order to the toilet

a full shitting bowl open your bowl well chewing and down with it lick it off closeing of the bowl

Defenseless wrapped with a plastic foil, the slave has to wait in a corner for his using. As his tormentor enters the room, She ordered slave to lie down on the floor, and open his mouth. Now he knows that he will be soon abused as the toilet, and has to swallow caviar. Miss Larissa sits on the plastic bag and craps into his mouth. The scat slave open his toilet mouth, but something goes wrong. The Lady enters into it with her boots, then the slave has had to remove the remaining caviar with its tongue of the boot sole, until nothing is left ...




open the bowl

Fill Up in the Garden

Toilet Training

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 9:30 min., 176mb - high quality

shit into the toilet

finish the party will go on chew and after my order swallow a handfull crap down with it

Miss Larissa has fixed the slaves in the garden. She enjoy a beautiful day, and sits comfortably with a cup of coffee. She gets the urge and need to use the toilet. How well, the toilet slave is tied to the next. The slave has to open his mouth to take the caviar from his Master. But a few pieces, falling next to it, and Miss Larissa dosent want any shit in her garden. The mistress thus gathers the rest, knead the mud to a piece and push it to eat into slaves mouth. Toilet training in the garden, although the neighbors may not understand this ...




crap in the mouth

Quick Shit

Toilet training

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 7:50 min., 49 mb - high quality


natursekt rein mit dem kaviar maul auf - lass mich die schokolade sehn weiter mit dessert runter damit

A fast menu of two courses menu for Diego. First he got fixed, then Miss Larissa shit him into the mouth, and down with the first course. Feels further with the second. At first she milked him up, and then he has to gulp it.




Punish up to screaming

Let Him Scream !!

Hard theraphy with Stinging Nettles

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 16:30 min., 152 mb - high quality (Part 1+2 ca. 35 min)


Nettles on the glanse Burning of the cock Punish of the glanse cbt more and more

Description:Extreme hard cbt with stinging nettle. Defensless chained to the punish bed, slave must endure the hard punishment. But Miss Larissa set herself a goal.... torture until he cries. A horny martyr.




create the meal - shit on the blade

Dinner With Miss Larissa

Education with brown and yellow shower.

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 21 min., 103 mb - high quality

looked in the brown table

now way to get out Mistress and Slave at dinner fine mouth on, slave! pure Shit

Description: The slave becomes conscripted to the common dinner. He is looked in the "brown table", and is delivered with it defenceless moods of the mistress. Miss Larissa prepares to him a miraculous great portion of shit, which the slave has to swallow then. While Miss Larissa comfortably stay at the table, and enjoyable drink her champagne, the slave mouth is filled with creamy caviar over and over again. The slave remains enclosed in the table, until the very soft (close by at dirrhea) portion is exterminated completely. A pleasure!





Too Slow at Swallow !!

Punish with Scat, Dilators, CBT

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 23 min., 114 mb - high quality



ts2 ts8 ts29 ts31 ts43

Description: Larissa steps with shoes in her scat, and order the slave to clean that with the tongue. This step runns two times, then the mistress becomes impatient, because Diego is not quick enough. He will be tie up, and well punished. Miss Larissa pushes Dilators with upgoing size successively in his cock. After occurred cock torture, the misstres feeds Diego the remaining caviar with a spoon. At the final, the slave has to cum in a glass, and must swallow afterwards his sperm.




Maul auf

Breakfast In The Dungeon !

Forced slavefeeding with Scat and Nectar

Miss Larissa / Sklave Diego, 16min, 113mb - high quality



sc05 sc08 sc09 sc013 sc015

Description: Breakfast for Diego. Larissa drinks comfortably her coffee and orders Diego to pic up his today´s breakfast from the toilet, and bring it to the dungeon. After some dirty plays with the slave, he is tied up to the wall, and Larissa fed him with a spoon. After successful "mouths on! - Masticating! - Swallow!" and complete eating of the scat, check Larissa still the mouth of diego, of possible remains, then the slave has to lie down on the floor and squirt himself in the mouth.





Nettles Theraphy ( part -1 )

Stinging Nettles CBT

Miss Larissa / Sklave Diego, 16 min, 111 mb - high quality



na4 na5 na6 na8 na7

Description: Miss Larissa goes with the slave in the garden, to cut some nettles. The slave will be tied up, and the mistress starts to torture him. Larissa played at first with her nipples, then with the tail, the eggs and the glans. While the slave writhes and screams, Larissa rubs his cock continually with nettles. A painful pleasure. After extensive treatment, the slave will milked up in a glass, and gulp his own dessert.




big mistake

A Big Mistake..

Punishment of the Slave. Scat, Nectar, Whipping

Miss Larissa / Slave Diego, 25min, 132mb - high quality



bm5 bm6 bm9 bm12 bm16

Description: The slave had forgotten to make the evening arrangements. At the next morning, Miss Larissa went to the toilet, and there are no plate and no glass. She decided in the loo Too sh... For this offence the slave is tied up and whipped. Than he must get the caviar as well as the champagne from the toilet. He is fed by Miss Larissa to everything completely is exterminated. As a dessert he may shot finally even in the mouth.




nettle theraphy2

Nettles Theraphy ( Part - 2 )

Stinging Nettle Torture CBT

Miss Larissa / Sklave Diego, 13min, 93mB - high quality



nb2 nb3 nb5 nb6 nb12

Description: Diego had to spend the night in tied up state with a Dildo in the asshole. A tube from the cock into the toilet of the slave should help him in the night, during pissing. Miss Larissa come on the next day to wake up the slave, and at first she milked him up - of course into the slaves own toilet. Then he is tied up to the wall and is woken up with nettles extensively. A fun action of Miss Larissa.






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